How to choose a good hotel?

choose good hotel

How to choose a good hotel ?

Sometimes 5-star hotel is disappointing and 1-star hotel is just amazing. So what to do? How to choose a good hotel ?

I give you 5 tips for choosing the right accommodation.

1. Read other people opinions

This is the most important tip. ALWAYS read other people’s opinions. Choose a hotel that has at least 10 good votes. Don’t care about ‘stars’, focus on what travelers say.

These people were exactly in this hotel, so their opinion is very valuable and objective.

When it comes to, I usually book a hotel with rating 7 or more.

2. Be sure to choose suitable facilities

If you are travelling with children, choose a room with an extra bed. If you work online, choose an accommodation with fast wi-fi.

Just think what you need and remember about it when you are choosing your hotel.

3. Plan your meals

If you want to make your own meals, choose an apartment with kitchenette and fridge. If you don’t want to waste your time on it, eat a breakfast in hotel and go to restaurant for a dinner and supper.

4. Choose the right location

If you are staying in a city just for a night, don’t bother taking a hotel in the center.

Choose a place when you can easily park your car and leave early in the morning. If you have a flight the next day, choose a hotel with free airport transfer.

When you want sightseeing, take a place with easy access to city center and the best monuments.

5. Compare prices

Always compare prices! When you choose the right hotel, find out how much it cost on different websites. Take the best offer and enjoy your stay

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