7 the most useful things for travelling

Useful things for travelling

7 the most useful things for travelling

Packing and taking all necessary stuff before leaving home is always difficult. We are all worried that we’ll forget something important. To make it easier I created a list of the most useful things for travelling . Hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Hats

They are great! Protect your head from the sun and rain.

They can be also used us dust protector!

2. Smartphone

Nowadays, you can use phone for calling, texting, using Internet and even paying.

Smartphone is also great for making pictures, videos and notes.

And of course phone is perfect for listening to music! Long travels may be boring, so listening to your favorite songs and playing games are great entertainment.

3. Pocket knife

Pocket knife may be used both for self-defense and multifunctional tool when you are going into the wilderness.

It will help you open canned food, cut some wood and many many more .

There’s no need to explain how powerful tool knife is ;).

Remember though, that it’s forbidden to bring knife in your hand luggage on the plane. Be sure to pack it to your checked baggage.

4. Soap

This is a must for every traveller. You can wash your whole body using soap.

What’s more, you can also wash your clothes using it! Just like our great grandmothers did.

Soap is small and light, so remember to take it on your trip.

5. Spork-

The new invention which I love.

Spork is knife, spoon and fork in one. Of course you use it for eating: yogurt, soup or cottage cheese. You can also use it for greasing your bread with butter, jam or anything else.

Spork is light, useful and very cheap. I paid for it less than $1 in Tesco.

6. Money- the most useful things for travelling

There’s no need to explain how important money is during travels.

You can buy everything if you have enough money (clothes, medications, accomodation or even transport back to home)

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