Thai massage – amazing relaxation

Thai massage in Bangkok

Thai massage – amazing relaxation massage … mmm … an hour or two of amazing time and relaxation ….

Massage or spa is advertised everywhere. One hour massage costs about 200-350 bahts ($5-8),  two hour 600-700 bahts ($14-20) .

This is definitely a must-do for any tourist visiting Thailand! The prices are very low and the quality is amazing.

You can find best spas on TripAdvisor and book a massage in advanced on the phone or via the Internet. But you can also just go on the street and step into a random massage ‘shop’. There are so many of them in Thailand!


Most of places like this will have free water and a receptionists. Usually they will give you comfortable kimonos to dress up and flip-flops on your feet. What’s interesting- you shouldn’t be naked during massage. You have to wear kimono all the time.

You will first have your feet cleaned by masseur. Then you will have to choose what kind of massage do you want. The best is traditional Thai massage with aromatic oil!

You will be surprised how strong Thai masseurs are. They are usually tiny women but they have incredible power in their hands.

Thai massage is based on the oppression of the individual places at the right angle and the right power. The masseuses will affect you all over their bodies- by elbows, hands, feet etc. They will sit astride you, pushing their knees on your bodies. Everything is slightly painful, but also very relaxing ..

A two-hour massage treatment includes massage of: feet, calves, thighs, hands, arms, shoulders, head and back. Basically, you will have all your body massaged.

Thai massage is an unforgettable experience and it’s also so nice and relaxing. Once you try it, you will want to experience it again and again.

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