What’s special in discovering new countries?

Travelling. What’s special in discovering new countries?

What is special about travelling? Why so many people are addicted to this? Why we can spend all our money only to go somewhere?

When I travel, I have this feeling that everything is OK. That I am truly alive, I use the life I’ve been given in 100%.

I am so incredibly hungry of getting to know the world and new things. My brain is happy when it can learn something new. I am curious about everything what is happening on this world (and in the space too).

I love reading, studying, getting to know new things. And travelling is catalyst in learning.

When you are in new country, when you speak foreign language, when you use a map to find your destination- you are evolving superfast.

And for me it’s the best what I can do. Because I believe I am in this world to live, not to survive. I need to overcome my weaknesses, go out of the comfort zone and inspire others.

I feel that way when I am travelling. How about you?

In what situation you feel you are the best version of yourself?

Answer to this question is crucial to find happiness in your life. Just do what you love and you won’t regret anything.

What’s special in discovering new countries?

For me it’s the smell. Each country smells differently.

I love this feeling when I get out of the plane and the wind is blowing right in our faces. This air is always new and different from which is known to me.

In tropics, like Thailand or Dominican Republic, the air is humid and hot. It weakens instead of giving energy. Nevertheless, it’s intriguing, special and exotic.

In Italy, the air is just nice. It’s carefree, pleasant and likable. You feel great when you are breathing. This air puts the smile on your face and relaxes you.

These are the smells I remember the most. But every country has unique air. When I close my eyes, I recall everything what I’ve seen and done there.

‘He who travels, lives twice’

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